The No Stress strategy allows you to trade calmly and measuredly. As the name suggests, the trading system complies with the motto “save first” and then increase your trading capital. And now for more details.

Main idea

You have probably noticed very long trends on the H4 and D1 charts, which sometimes last for several months. It seemed like you could earn a huge amount of points simply by opening a buy order and waiting. However, not everything is so simple – corrective movements push traders out of the market.

This strategy focuses on the biggest steps. There is a balance between input sensitivity and value. And this line, as can be seen from the monitoring of the real account, was chosen very well.How to guide the strategy

How to guide the strategy

  • Platform: MetaTrader 4
  • Currency pairs: Any
  • Timeframe: H4-MN
  • Trading time: around the clock

How the No stress Strategy is set

First you need to open the data directory using the Terminal File – Open Data Folder. the template file No Stress.tpl must be moved to the templates folder. Indicator files are placed in the MQL4 – Indicators folder and restart the terminal. Then you need to select from the list No Stress-template, which includes 6 tools:

NB-channel indicator can build a channel at the latest price extremes.

FL11 is an indicator of individual patterns. Signals (yellow circles with a red or blue border).

Indicator – $ huh. Here: a green signal means a buy, a red one means a sell.

Generator SSRC – shows the overbought / oversold zone.

Auxiliary Expert Advisor ProTrader to set stop loss;

Spread and recommended lot.

How to trade?

There are situations when a full-fledged signal appears at the best price. That is, the price after the opening went against us and formed a new signal. In this case, refueling is allowed.

Since the transaction time is quite long, some elements of carry trading can be applied. That is, we open trades only in the direction in which a positive swap can be achieved. This way you can slightly increase your profits.

Money management – 1% deposit per order and 2% per transaction. This is only 2% risk for 2 orders.


Taking into account the monitoring of the real account, the effectiveness of the strategy does not cause problems. In general, the trading strategy is interesting, but it is not suitable for those who trade seriously, but only for those who perceive trading as additional income.