In this article, I want to tell you about an indicator that has an advantage over other technical analysis tools. It generates signals to enter the market without lag. This is the Hull Master indicator . Its use in trading will allow you to open deals at optimal points, which increases the likelihood of closing them with a profit. The algorithm of this indicator is based on an improved version of the HMA (Hala MA). It belongs to the universal analysis tools. That is, the Hull Master can be used to trade any asset and on different TFs. And now I will tell you about its settings.

Hull Master parameters

If you open the corresponding tab, you will see that there are a lot of parameters in the settings. But not all of them are very important. Therefore, we will focus only on the main variables.

First, you need to tell the indicator on which timeframe the trade will be conducted. This can be done on the Time-Frame line.

To make the signals more accurate, the indicator algorithm includes the ability to analyze the situation on the market and on other TFs. The Time-Frame-Auto line should indicate the number of additional timeframes that can be used for analysis.

HMA-Period – here we indicate the HMA period.

The HMA-Price parameter is needed to select the type of price that will be used in calculations (open, close, etc.).

HMA-Speed ​​and HMA-Shift – with the help of these variables it is necessary to specify the rate of change of the HMA and the size of its shift.

The rest of the parameters can be used to shape the curve (color, line thickness) and to set up alerts about signals to open trade positions.

Trading rules

The Hull Master indicator is displayed on the chart as a curve that periodically changes its color. Moments of color change are signals to enter the market.

Hence the corresponding rules. If the indicator line changes color from red to green, open a buy order. If the Hull Master curve changes color from green to red, open a sell order.

Besides the curve, the price chart displays support and resistance levels. When a color change occurs near these levels, the signal quality is improved.

Despite the simplicity of trading on Hull Master signals , do not rush to open trades on a real account. First, you need to get good statistics in demo trading.